As many of you are aware, we had three functioning online stores last year (2020) for the UK / EU / USA - We finally merged them together in October, which was a huge undertaking, made even more difficult over the holiday period and most recently, Brexit import/export rules that came into effect 1st January. We’ve been working tirelessly on the new store these past few months. Shopify is infinitely more suited to our needs and more customisable than limitedrun, but not as straightforward. Some of our ‘what should have been foolproof’ systems came undone pretty quickly, but we finally developed one that means we can offer international shipping from different locations and accurately split our stock across them all. We’re still making improvements and adding loads of awesome new items. For now, everything is summed up in the ‘announcement bar’ at the top of our store.

These are the super-important first steps to help locate a potentially missing order:

Check your junk folder for a dispatch confirmation email.
If you gave us the wrong (or an old) email address, you can contact us at with your order information and we'll forward this to you as soon as we can.

Read the item description again.
Did you purchase an item that clearly states that it's a pre-order with an estimated shipping date that hasn't passed yet?

Check with family members, neighbours and find the contact information for your local sorting office.
Speak with all of them before contacting us. It may seem unlikely, but 90% of the time your item is there. Do not ask us about finding contact information for your local sorting office. This is impossible.

After following the above steps, you may contact us at with all the obvious order information, such as: Your full name, full address, order number, what you ordered. It's unbelievable how many 'my order hasn't arrived' emails we get. How do you expect us to help if you don't give us any information?

Starting 2021 and will continue indefinitely, we've removed the 'un-tracked' shipping option for international (non-UK orders). It's now far-too dangerous to ship anything internationally without a tracking number anymore. Unfortunately, this makes it a lot more expensive. Always feel free to contact us if anything sees too expensive, we might be able to work something out.

Refunds should only be issued with a legitimate excuse. Changing your mind shortly after a purchase can cause multiple issues for small businesses. If you cannot be dissuaded, then also accept you will lose approximately 5% of the total order value due to non-refundable PayPal/card processing fees. These are our clear terms and conditions and there will be no exceptions. Please understand that we or our bands can’t be expected to actually lose money as a direct result of a customer changing their mind.

We will of course refund all fees in the event of us overselling an item, if we ship you the wrong item, or a faulty/defective product which cannot be replaced. We package our records with great care and promise to work out a solution if anything arrives seriously damaged, but please do not request a full refund for something minor, such as a tiny corner ding or a single pop/skip etc.

Although frustrating, seam-split damage on inner sleeves (printed or standard) and minor 'dings' to jackets can't be treated as serious damage that require replacing or refunding. However, we now order spares for most releases and can offer replacements if you cover shipping costs, or we can easily slip them in with a future order. We will be there for you in situations such as this and hook you up with extra free stuff whenever possible, but we can't pay expensive double shipping costs for such minor damage.

Email if you have any concerns before or after placing an order.

Thank you!

All standard items are currently split up with two options; one *UK/INTL ONLY* (doesn't include USA/CANADA) and the other *EU ONLY*. Make sure you select the correct option or you won't be able to checkout. The new Brexit import/export fees are still not completely clear, but the main note to take from their warnings are ‘every package leaving the UK is subject to customs charges’ and we don’t want our customers to have to deal with this, especially when we have a lot of stock located in Croatia and Germany. We hope to find a way of topping up both locations ASAP. All upcoming releases for 2021 are covered, with launches being offered to UK/INTL, USA/CAN and EU customers. There's still some room for improvements, but we continue to ask for your patience. Feel free to come to us if anything is unclear, but UK/INTL ONLY applies to UK, ASIA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND customers, EU applies to Europe, and NORTH AMERICAN customers should shop from the DK US section located at the top of our store’s front page. 

We created a special section for our North American customers with stock located in the US. All orders will ship via USPS. We will top this section up as much as possible, but email us if you want something specific and we will add it to a future box for you. We might merge this section with the other products but this would take a lot of time, which we don’t have at the moment. Trust us, this is not simple. There are so many paths to tie together to function correctly.

We're working on a sizing chart for all of our merch types and hope to finish by Q2 2021. However, every single one of our merch listings clearly states the brand, which you can copy/paste onto any search engine and find a quick answer yourself. The majority of our shirts are printed on Gildan Heavy, which is the most-common shirt type in the world. So if you usually wear a size Medium, you should almost definitely order a size Medium.

Email us at for all queries!