Please carefully read the product description every time you place an order through Dog Knights Productions and any other online store. There is an 'announcement bar' at the top of our page, warning of any possible issues, shipping delays and recent updates to our store.

We clearly add 'PRE-ORDER' to the title of all relevant products. Pre-orders will not ship straight away. When you select a pre-order product variant and add it to your cart, it will even say 'SHIPS LATE APRIL' (example) right next to it.  This is impossible to miss. So you can't angrily email us early April asking why your order hasn't arrived yet. But this does happen. All the time. Read the description before ordering. Don't just skim it. If you're wondering why your item hasn't arrived yet, read the description again before composing a long email and sending it to us. It's only wasting your time because you could get an instant answer yourself.

We had plans to relocate Dog Knights EU to Croatia early April, but this keeps getting pushed back thanks to covid-19 travel restrictions. EU customers can now order through us (note that a lot of stock is marked as 'unavailable' but not actually out of stock, a lot more will be added in the coming weeks) and the orders will ship late April.

Dog Knights North America is now live! This means customers from USA & Canada can shop from an exclusive section located at the top of our store, and have the order ship from a US location via USPS. Read all about it there.

As always, thank you for supporting us and our amazing bands. We are always making changes to our store and trying to find better/cheaper shipping options for our international customers. Email if we don't ship to your location. We can try to work something out.